Out Of the Box Items


What is " Out of The Box" ?

Out of the box is a new professional quality product minus the packaging.

What is the condition of the products?

The products are complete and in brand new condition.

Why isn't there packaging for the product?

The packaging contained misprints preventing the item to be sold online or in stores.

Will I be missing anything since there is no box?

Not to worry, we confirm each package is complete and securely packaged.

Am I able to choose the colors of each item in bundle?

Unfortunately no, you won't be able to choose the color, but you will be able to choose the wand size, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm

Does my item come with a warranty?

Definitely, you can register here: REGISTRATION Be sure to include the provided serial number

Do you have images of what I could expect?

Yes, see below, although, you will not be able to choose the color