Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush
Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush
Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush
Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush
Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush
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Metallic Purple Square "Soft Touch" | Heated Brush

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Straightening your hair can be a hassle especially if you're in a hurry, not to mention it can be damaging to your. That’s why we love NEO Choices Ionic Heated Straightening Brush. It allows you to smoothly straighten your hair faster and with less exposure to heat than a flat iron. Designed with a standard hair brush shape, the ionic heated brush is super easy to use. Simply brush through your hair with a regular brush to detangle any knots first, then choose your custom temperature setting before running the heated brush through your hair for a relaxed, straight style. 

Ideal for those with naturally wavy hair and those with frizz or bedhead that needs to be tamed, the anti-static ceramic bristles on the Ionic heated Brush heat quickly and evenly, gliding through and over each strand without tugging or breaking. Additionally, the tips of the bristles don’t get as hot as the rest of the brush, which helps to prevent burns and allows you to safely style your hair.


  • Rapid heating time
  • Digital LCD display with Auto shut-off
  • Anti-Scald Nylon-tipped bristles 
  • Negative-ion technology
  • Consistent temperature-level maintenance 
  • Far infrared heat seals in hair's cuticles and locks in color and moisture
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of time required to straighten naturally wavy and frizzy hair
  • Anti-static ceramic bristles straighten and smooth your hair as you brush
  • Advanced ionic technology combined with the ceramic bristles and brush plate deliver straight and shiny styles without damaging hair
  • Digital heat controls range from 170-450° and ensure you have the perfect heat setting for your hair type
  • Lightweight, compact, and convenient for travel
  • Ergonomic shape, slip-free thumb-grip and 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord ensure comfort while styling your 


  1. Run a brush through your hair making sure there are not knots or tangles. 
  2. Begin slowly brushing from the roots of your hair to the ends and watch those curls disappear. 
  3. Making sure that your hair is gliding through by the base of the bristles where the heat is. 
  4. Repeat as needed. When you’ve finished using The Ionic Heated Brush, unplug and let cool completely before storing away. 

RECOMMENDED TEMP PER HAIR TYPE: Set the NEO Choice Ionic Heated Brush to your desired temperature based on your hair type.

Best for those with wavy hair. If you have naturally curly hair, this is a great first step tool before curling with a Twister. 

  • Coarse, Thick and Curly Hair - Long Length — 370° F
  • Coarse, Thick and Curly Hair - Short Length — 350-370° F
  • Normal, Medium Thickness or Wavy Hair - Long Length - 350-370° F
  • Normal, Medium Thickness or Wavy Hair - Short Length - 320-350° F
  • Fine, Thin, Damaged, or Naturally Straight Hair - Any Length - 250-300° F
  • Fragile, Heavily Damaged Hair - Any Length - Below 25


  • 1x Ionic Heated Brush 
  • Safety Instructions with Warranty info card

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